Today I want to talk about the power of habits. It seems that a few of us think we can do something once or twice and it be enough to build a strong personal brand. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Just like anything it takes time and consistency to build a strong personal brand around your service-based business that not only aligns with who you are but that also resonates with your ideal clients.

5 Powerful Habits to Build a Strong Personal Brand Online

Some of the habits I’m talking about may come as a bit of a surprise to you but understand that building a strong personal brand is a holistic experience. That means that what happens in your personal life has potential to spill over into your brand. And for most of us it does! Even when you think you’re a total bad-ass at hiding your junk, your energy still speaks louder than your words.

So here are 5 powerful habits that I believe are essential to build a strong personal brand.


The habit of looking after your mind and body.

You can’t substitute health for wealth. I learned this one the 20-lbs-and-tired way. I had been trying desperately to build my online brand and business, wanting to serve more women and make more money but as a result I had chosen to for-go exercise and grocery shopping to sit in front of my computer working. You may be able to sustain your business for a little while running on empty but eventually you’ll run out of gas. When you’re in the business of serving other people it’s important that you maintain your health and energy. Plus the discipline it takes to exercise daily and eat healthy will overflow into the discipline you have for working in your business.


The habit of practicing what you preach.

Integrity and authenticity is a big thing in the world of online business. A lot of times you may feel the need to put forth an image that is not necessarily aligned with who you are, but this doesn’t serve anyone…least of all you. If you’re telling people that meditation is a necessary daily activity to overcome their stress but you aren’t doing daily meditation or feeding your mind in some way then it likely won’t be long before you burn out. Or if you’re telling your relationship coaching clients that need they need to look within and take responsibility for their role in the breakdown of a relationship, but you’re playing the victim card in your own relationship then it likely won’t be long before you burn out. Obviously with these examples no-one else will know what’s going on in your life but you will! I’ve had several clients admit to me that they feel like a fraud because they are struggling with the exact things they are teaching to their clients. I’m not saying that your life needs to be perfect, but at the very least you should be trying to implement the awesome strategies that you teach. When you practice what you preach not only do you feel good, but you also set yourself up to build a strong personal brand.


The habit of reflecting.

Sometimes building your brand and service-based business can feel confusing and overwhelming–this is when you need to just pause for a minute and realign yourself with your goals and values. Some of the most successful people I know are in a consistent cycle of reflection and refinement. Business is a journey of constant self-growth and development so the things I understand about myself and who I serve has evolved over the years and it will for you too. At one point I thought my job was to entertain and create a platform for other people’s success. But over the years through exploration, action and reflection I’ve learned that I’m here to serve a different purpose, which is to inspire and give you the tools to build a strong personal brand all of your own. I never would have gotten there if I hadn’t of taken the time to just slow down and reflect on what was important to me and how I serve others.


The habit of showing up.

The sad reality is that if you don’t show up and make yourself known to people then it’s basically impossible to build a strong personal brand online. The strength of your personal brand is really determined by how you make people feel. So if you’re dropping in and out of their life, being inconsistent and hiding out in the shadows then you’re not giving anyone the opportunity to really get to know you. You’ll notice that social media influencers are present almost daily sharing their photos and thoughts with their audience so people can really get to know them. At the end of the day there are a million coaches and teachers in the world. What attracts people to your work is you! So show up consistently and dazzle your audience.


The habit of being helpful.

When you realize that building a personal brand is less about you and more about the way you make other people feel, your whole perception will shift. If you’re building an online service-based business then your main intention should be to serve. Your audience can feel your intention, so if it’s all about you then people will feel that just as strongly as they will feel your desire to serve. Building a strong personal brand is equally about engaging your people as it is about showcasing your skills. Be helpful to other people in your industry, provide lots of free value to your audience and make moves without the sole intention of making bank. Got it?

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