So maybe you’ve only recently started your online business or maybe you’ve been in the game for a little while. You’ve grown an audience based on a particular topic you like to spout off about regularly but you’ve recently realized you really aren’t all that into it. I get it. When I first started in the world of online business I was going through a period of time in my life when I was very passionate about helping women thrive in their romantic relationships. About 18 months after starting I realized that I wanted to change directions in business but I’d built an awesome community of women I was scared of losing.

How To Change Directions In Business Without Losing Your Audience

Many people get stuck creating a business that is out of alignment with what they really want because they are afraid of what the evolution will mean for their business. But there is a way that you can come out unscathed.

Here’s how to change directions in business without losing your audience.


Be open about how your ideas have changed.

Being open and honest with your people is a great way to build trust and loyalty. It’s inevitable that you may lose some people from your community, but if you’re upfront about the changes you’ll likely strengthen the relationships you have with the existing members of your community.

If there’s anything I’ve learned about running a service-based business over the years it’s that people care less about what you have to offer and more about you. Be a person of high-value and people will be banging down your door to buy your products, no matter what it is that you’re selling.


Let your people know you’re still there for them.

The last thing you want to do when you change directions in business is to make your current audience feel like they can’t be a part of the evolution. You may no longer be serving people in a particular way, but that’s not to say that the people in your community aren’t interested in your new angle!

During your conversations about your evolution make sure to let your people know that you want them along for the journey and that you’re excited to serve them in this new capacity. I even went so far as to include my audience in the change by putting out polls in my Facebook group so that I could understand and incorporate other’s opinions.


Don’t change everything all at once.

Take your time morphing into your new business mission. If you have an audience that you value give them time to get used to the idea of the change and make small changes slowly. When I started to change directions in business I first changed the name of my Facebook group and then slowly introduced new rules and guidelines. As I welcomed new community members into my group they were very clear on what the community stood for.

If you change directions in your business abruptly it may be confusing to people and quickly make them feel abandoned, and abandonment ultimately results in a lack of trust.


Stay aligned with your ultimate vision.

Always come back to how you want to feel and the ultimate vision that you have for your life. Building a business that you love and that feels like you can be overwhelming and confusing sometimes. You start working towards one thing and then realize it doesn’t result in the excitement and fulfillment that you anticipated. But make sure that in the revisioning of your business that you stay aligned with your truth.

Take some time out and just be still for long enough to get to the heart of what you really want to create. You are totally allowed to change directions in business as often as you like but with a little attention to your inner guide you’ll be more likely to create things that bring you one step closer to your ultimate vision.

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