So it’s time to promote your coaching business but your bank account is looking a little skimpy after the money that you just handed over getting your certification. Lucky for you there are a number of ways to promote your coaching business that don’t require you forking over any more cash.

6 Ways To Promote Your Coaching Business With Little to No Money

The beauty of building an online business is that there are many ways to catch people’s attention that don’t require you renting a billboard or printing flyers. So how do you grow your business and get new clients on a shoestring budget?

Here are ways to promote your coaching business with little to no money.


1. Start a blog.

If you want to promote your coaching business online then it’s a good idea to regularly share your perspective through a blog.

Use your blog as an opportunity to write about topics that are relevant to your ideal clients so that they have a reason to read them. Make sure that you are optimizing your blog post using keywords so that people can find you on search engines like Google.


2. Start a YouTube channel.

I have a friend who runs her own YouTube channel and the majority of her sales come as a direct result of the tutorials that she offers there.

Just like anything you want to do online, YouTube does take time to build and a healthy sized audience does not happen overnight. Regular videos and consistency is important, just as engaging in any comments that are left on your video.


3. Give away free stuff.

Generally you have to give away plenty of free stuff before people are willing to buy. It’s called the know, like, trust factor.

Of course, having a blog or a YouTube channel is also considered free stuff but go the extra mile with a free training or workbook that people can download from your website.

This is a incredibly effective way to market your services while also getting new subscribers onto your email list that you can continue your relationship with. Here on my site I have the Beginner’s Guide To Becoming Known which I offer as an extra perk for visiting with me.


4. Send emails to your list regularly.

What’s the point in having someone’s email if you never hang out in their inbox? Sending emails to your list regularly not only nurtures the relationship but it reminds people that you are available for coaching.

For every 3 nurture emails, send out a sales email that calls your audience to take action of a product or service you are selling.

Use your email list wisely! It’s one of your most valuable resources as an online business owner.


5. Share on social media.

Showing up and sharing on social media is a great way to make connections and stay in the forefront of people’s minds.

In order to share your services regularly without becoming overbearing to your audience, take the time to revise all your social profiles to ensure there is a brief description of your work along with who you help, a link to your website and a clear photo of yourself.

Spend more time on social media sharing value to your audience while taking the time to promote your coaching business regularly as appropriate.


6. Collaborate with influencers and other online business owners.

A cool way to expand your network is to enter into partnerships with other online business owners. By doing this you give yourself access to other people’s network and have the opportunity to reach more people and make a greater impact.

Reach out to people you have connected with online to see if you can feature on their podcasts or guest post on their blogs or somehow be involved in their community.

Some higher profile influencers may ask for a fee to promote you to their audience but sometimes the price you pay is worth the money.

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